VIDEO PREMIERE: Affirm self-worth with this powerful video by global art collective Dahna, “Luna”

January 5, 2018
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DAHNA is a London-based music and art collective pulling together artists from around the world “to create a powerful and impact full worldly message through art.” Led by South African and Jamaican singer Sizwe Mtwana, DAHNA’s artistry defies genre as much as it does any one static culture.

Their latest project, “Luna”, is exemplary of their diversity, but it is brought together by the universal themes of family politics, self identification, acceptance and self worth. Equal parts mantra and song, the black and white video for “Luna” follows DAHNA members in cultural face paint as they express themselves in whichever way seems to feel most natural in a world that often denies them the same.

“The visuals play with the duality of the character, finding herself in a journey of confusion, memories, feelings, and self empowerment,” Mtwana explains. “The first part of the video creates the tense and mysterious atmosphere for the story to be told, which then reaches the climax or liberation point at the end when the music explodes.”

Check out the powerful video below!