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transport into the occult with black metal rockers zeal & ardor’s headbanging “baphomet”

January 24, 2018
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Self-described “American slave and black metal” band Zeal & Ardor are back with their first new song since their 2016 debut album, Devil Is Fine. “Baphomet”, which is a reference to the pagan idol worshiped by the Knights Templar representing universal balance, is as infectious as headbangers come, propelled by a double bass that you just can’t shake.

Known for their sophisticated take on blues and metal, “Baphomet” takes the band’s sound to new heights. Carried by the repeated refrain “right hand up / left hand down,” the song not only paints a picture of the Sabbatic Goat idol’s most common depiction, but displays Baphomet’s symbol of equilibrium in its seamless blend of the two genres. And, as anyone who has made it through 2017 will tell you, it’s that sort of balance that is so necessary today.

Stream “Baphomet” below!