self-taught paris-based photographer accentuates black beauty in eye-popping series

January 30, 2018

Kévin Félicianne is a Guadeloupe-born, Paris-based photographer on a mission to de-center whiteness from the fashion lens. Starting off on a journey to learn photographer when he was just 23, Felicianne quickly noticed how overlooked Black models were by many in his chosen field, and is out to challenge the anti-Blackness underlying that reality.

“I particularly like black models… because I am a young West Indian who wants to value and give value to the black models, which unfortunately are very often neglected and set back,” Félicianne explains. “The fashion world is a racist milieu, where all privileges and benefits are given to the white man.”

Felicianne’s latest series is notable for its muted colors accentuated by one of a few spots of intense color, often in the form of flowery. In this way, he highlights the vibrance of every day Black people, and their uncontainable beauty.

Check out our favorites below, and see more of Felicianne’s work on Instagram!