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Selective outrage: tone-deaf ads are the tip of the iceberg, big corporations destroy Black & brown live

January 9, 2018
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The ways in which big corporations hurt POC is more than skin deep. More than the tone-deaf ads that wave around their racism like a badge of honor. What’s even worse are the low-income workers of color who, all over the world, live in dire conditions and barely livable circumstances in order to make this racist-ass gear in the first place.

In 2016, it was reported that H&M in Myanmar employees 14-year-olds to make their clothing, working for more than 12 hours each and every day. Despite making bank for everyday shoppers, fast-fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Adidas, and many others adhere to business models that, in order to maximize profit and produce cheap wares, workers must be exploited by dismal work conditions and underpayment.

So why we’re all justifiably outraged by the blatant racism we see in advertisement and all over their merchandise, isn’t it time we take a deeper look at the abuse fast-fashion is causing?