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rose mcgowan developing e! reality tv show around her #metoo activism…

January 8, 2018
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As well-intentioned as I believe Rose McGowan has been throughout her bravery confronting her abuser, Harvey Weinstein, and the systems that enabled him, homegirl has lost sight of the intersectionality built into the #MeToo movement and the black and low-income women it was created for.

Last night, during the Golden Globes, the trailer for Rose McGowan’s docuseries Citizen Rose premiered, and one questions—why?

Creating awareness is crucial. Please, oh, please, don’t get me wrong. But the medium is the message and context is key.

So, when McGowan tweeted that the Golden Globes attendees showing of solidarity with the #MeToo movement was “Hollywood fakery”, we wondered why should we divorce McGowan’s choice to bring her women’s rights activism to E!, a network that refuses to pay women equally?

Moreso, what does it say about a white woman piggybacking on the years of work Tarana Burke put in to raise the voices of the ignored, of women who aren’t, for example, white Hollywood starlets? With all due respect for a fellow survivor of harassment and abuse, I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t better ways to keep fighting, ways that don’t take up space black women created, than starting a new reality show.


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