so rachel dolezal made a ‘coolest prince in the hood’ hoodie to “protest” h&m…

January 10, 2018
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For reasons unbeknownst to me, Rachel Dolezal found it appropriate to drop her two cents about the H&M advert controversy from earlier this week by releasing a re-imagining of the original problematic hoodie. This time, she refers to the young boy as the “coolest prince in the hood”…because that’s a whole lot better?

For some reason, Dolezal is using this situation to make herself relevant. Piggybacking on the racism experienced by black people, Dolezal, a white woman, is again making it all about her. If you needed any more convincing, people like Dolezal aren’t interested in targeting the systems that produce black pain as much as they are interested in being the center of the conversation.

Here is my protest hoodie to counter H&M's "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" shirt. Now available (link in bio). I had to… because my son was called a "monkey" in second grade, and I remember going to the principal about it. After educating the school officials about the historical context of the slur & demanding they operate under a zero tolerance policy for this type of harassment, the student was suspended. But, due to his parents being "offended" that he was disciplined for calling my son a racial slur, they pulled him from public school and homeschooled him. This hits home with many of us moms, I'm sure… So, I spent today designing this new hoodie that my little son will soon be wearing with pride. In production now, sale is on for pre-orders before they ship on next Wednesday. #princecharming #fitforaprince #empowerment #kidscomefirst

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