premiere: the corrupt justice system comes into clear view in dark palaces’ debut video, “wasp’s nest”

January 17, 2018
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Our love for BLXPLTN runs deep over here, so it’s no surprise that their sister band Dark Palaces has something special going on too. Sharing drummer┬áTaSzlin Muerte, Dark Palaces mixes a heavy doom metal vibe with experimental hip-hop and hints of industrial along the fringes into something deeply mesmerizing.

Their debut single “Wasp’s Nest” takes aim at the corrupt justice system and deeply fucked power dynamics that make America great. The video, directed by Ben Snyder perfectly captures the band’s tense paranoid dynamic with striking visuals that follow the logic of an unusually vivid and unforgettable dream. The band’s set to release their debut EP in the spring.

Directed and edited by Ben Snyder
Camera operator: Don Jon
Production Assistant/Stills: Jamaal Ali
Artwork by Motherbrain Art
Costuming by Lars Wolfshield

Alexandra Achieng Ligawa
Ibrahim Balmos
Don Jon
Lars Wolfshield
Scott Collins