all little black and brown girls will know they are beautiful if its up to visual artist delmaine donson

January 16, 2018
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We are in the midst of a representation boom. Now more than ever, little Black and brown children get to grow up seeing themselves affirmed in media like never before.

One of the artists making that possible isĀ Delmaine Donson, a South African artist whose work centers around women of color. “I’d love it if my art could change peoples perceptions of beauty,” Donson’s website reads. “I want it to make people see woman of colour differently. Not just as loud and bold, but soft and delicate too. More than anything I just want to create a world where little brown and black girls can grow up knowing that they are beautiful and knowing that the world sees them that way too.”

“Theres just something about dark skin and curly hair that just captures me,” Donson continues. “The way light hits dark skin is art in it self. Theres really nothing like it.”

Nothing indeed! Check out some of our favorites below!