book premiere: ‘brave nude world’ photo book calls out the stigmatization of women’s bodies

January 29, 2018
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Brave Nude World is the newest photography book by multi-disciplinary, Philly-based artist TJDDN. Aimed at exploring visual authenticity and ways in which Western culture stigmatizes women’s bodies, specifically in social, legal, and religious contexts. Comprised of one-on-one interviews and accompanying photos, this projects hopes to foster a conversation about personal body image and social taboos.“By creating in this environment, [TJDDN] presents realistic sensibility to a conversation rooted largely in hypothetical ideals”.

“My goal for BRAVE NUDE WORLD is to serve as a launchpad for discussions around the way we see and treat women’s bodies,” TJDDN tells AFROPUNK. “This book and the discussions surrounding it will hopefully change the way we all, regardless of sex or gender, see and engage with our bodies.”

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