black entrepreneurs launch craft beer company ‘sankofa’

December 15, 2017
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Kofi Meroe and Amado Carsky began home-brewing beers in 2012. The two soon started to experiment with incorporating flavors from their upbringing in West Africa, putting a distinct spin on brewing that quickly began garnering attention from the community.

This led the entrepreneurs to launch Sankofa Beer Co., “a Black owned craft beer company in Washington, D.C. that exists to expand the conventions of craft beer by drawing inspiration from the mother continent.”

“We at Sankofa Beer Company want the world to know that craft beer is consumed by all types of people,” Meroe told AFROPUNK. “Beyond the beer itself, we carry forward the vibes of West Africa through beer-related events and are creating a craft beer experience that we can enjoy.”

As the brand grows, Sankofa Beer Co. itself is expanding as well. They have just launched a Kickstarter to help fund the commercial production and distribution of Hibiscus Pale Ale, HYPEBiscus, a fan-favorite. Funds will go towards increasing the quality and quantity of Sankofa beer, and allowing cans of HYPEBiscus Pale Ale to be sold in local restaurants and retail locations.

Learn more about the company here, and support another Black-owned business to flourish!