video premiere: snap out of complacency with the radical, psychedelic video by la-based singer moniquea, “famous”

December 8, 2017
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With the premiere of LA-based singer Moniquea’s “Famous”, audiences everywhere get the opportunity to throw it back while throwing it back! Melding genre and era into an electro-psychedelic offering, this creative is doing all she can to educate, revive, and strive in the most catchy way possible.

With her music falling under an overarching category of boogie/modern soul, her latest album BlackWaveFunk is all this and more. Perfecting her current vibe as she delves deeper into the realm of new wave and synth-pop, Moniquea’s edgy, boundary defying project is one to watch.

The track itself being a “snap out of it” to this egocentric society, and mass refusal of reality, the mesmerizing visuals of the video only take it further, making it as accessible as it is poignant.

“The song poses the statement to a people who live their lives doing the bare minimum with an expectation to receive a maximum return,” Monique explains. “And, to those who are in a muddle for reasons they don’t fully understand.”

In short: YAS girl you DID that!! We look forward to what else you have in store.

Check out Moniquea’s latest “Famous” below!