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video premiere: reject conformity with beautiful dance video by soul singer dara carter, “sadderdays”

December 20, 2017
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When you’ve been making music for as long as R&B artist Dara Carter, it becomes more than just ear-pleasing. Having began her musicianship at the tender age of three with classical piano lessons at RPM Studios, Carter went on to perform at the historic Apollo Theater in New York twice at fifteen, and has since performed and studied with musicians such as Phil Davis, Sean Michael Rae, Dan Wilson, Jacob Slichter, Speech of Arrested Development, Julie Dexter, and more.

Also a budding philanthropist who has done extensive work on anti-bullying campaigns and with the local N.A.A.C.P youth chapter, the Atlanta-native seems committed to the idea that music can change the world, and the music video for her debut album’s first single “Sadderdays” tries to do just that.

Carried by the artists angelic voice and a gorgeous dance sequence that tells the introspective story of finding oneself, “Sadderdays” is just what you need to recommit to your mission in a society that does everything it can to knock you off-course.

“The video represents the world today and the people in it,” Carter explained to AFROPUNK. “We are born with a light and many of us initially enjoy our own dance, but through domestication and conformity, we find it more acceptable to fall into step with everyone else, and we kill our own light. This video represents the doom that we face if we do this. We kill our true selves by conforming and being anything but ourselves.”

Check out the powerful video for “Sadderdays” below!