stunning photo series re-frames death and that which is associated with blackness as things of beauty

December 18, 2017
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In large part due to the globalization of white supremacy through colonization, dark skin is associated with negativity nearly all around the world. This has made it easier to oppress darker skinned people even within communities of color, and to continue the pillaging of the entire continent of Africa to this day.

One artist is seeking to flip that terrible script. Yannis Davy is a 22 year old Montréal-based photographer and visual artist from Libreville, Gabon whose work explores “the diversity of cultures and identities on the African continent and its diaspora.” His latest project, The Darkest Colour, is a photo series that re-imagines the never-ending battle between Man and Death, redefining our relationship to the deepest melanin in the process.

“The constant presence and proximity of Death that is felt by every individual throughout their lifetimes is represented in this series by the constant yet sometimes barely visible presence of a female form, looming over and interacting with the other subject,” Davy explains. “The absence of genitals on the seemingly male subject represents the universality of this struggle and the fact that every individual will die, regardless of the gender identity.”

Aiming to interrogate the stereotypes associated with black, The Darkest Colour reframes death not as a tragedy, but a peaceful rest “after the intense and sometimes turbulent journey that is Life.”

Check out the stunning series below!

Featuring: @tania.df and @atlashapy
Photography/Writing/Creative Direction: @yannisdavy
Bodypainting: Jean Guy Leclerc

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