PREMIERE: Dance like no one is watching to Liberian-born producer Val Fleury’s house anthem “White Winter”

December 4, 2017
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Liberian-born, LA-based DJ, producer, writer and singer Val Fleury wears many hats, but that’s not enough to contain her locs as she whips her hair to her latest single in a promo clip announcing the infectious track. “White Winter” is 4 minutes of undeniably haunting fun, a percussion-heavy house anthem carried by the singer’s distinctive and powerful voice.

A co-host of Dash Radio and 2468 Radio, Val has garnered attention for her unique blend of Deep-House, Tech-House, Indie Dance, and Bass music. “My love for house and dance music grew in the 90’s, when my family immigrated to the U.S. from Liberia,” the musician explains. “There was, and I’m happy about the revival of, a strong POC presence and women the scene. I remember hearing greats like Crystal Waters, Black Box and Frankie Knuckles for the first time, I was hooked… fresh sounds, driving four-on-the-floor, deep bass-lines, all-around fun tracks. I wanted to capture all this with ‘White Winter,’ mixed seasonal vibes and thoughts flowing through my head at the time.”

Check out the promo clip of “White Winter” and the full track! We challenge you not to bop your head while listening.

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