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meakoom takes you on a neo-soul journey of self-care on the captivating ‘me’ ep

December 14, 2017
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Backed by lo-fi and winding beats courtesy of Bare Beats, neo-soul singer MeaKoom’s latest EP is a journey of self-care. Appropriately titled ME, the singer’s lyrics were largely improvised over Bare Beats lush production, giving the EP a sort of stream of consciousness journal vibe. Over 3 tracks (and instrumentals of the same), MeaKoom re-learns to love herself in the wake of a breakup.. “I don’t miss you today,” she sings over the hauntingly spare “IDMY.” The highlight is the EP’s centerpiece, “Move,” where MeaKoom’s strongest songwriting meets deft and focused production. A sample of MLK’s 1967 speech to Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia anchors it. “Don’t allow anybody to make you fell that you’re nobody.” Truer words…

Pick up the EP and instrumentals below.
ME by Meakoom + Bare Beats