By One

Alternative Soul



leave your unhealthy relationships in 2017 with alt soul artist fousheé’s rock-heavy breakup anthem “by one”

December 29, 2017
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“We don’t need another sad, sad love song, one is too much…”

So croons New York-based alternative soul singer Fousheé on her latest single, “By One.” Originally from New Jersey, the artist formerly known as Britanny Fousheé brings the region’s no nonsense approach to the rousing breakup anthem, right in time for your new year’s resolution to stop giving time to people who do not reciprocate.

And it’s time that is the central theme of the track. Carried by her tender but powerful vocals, Fousheé narrates how it only takes until 1 o’clock for her lover to remind her why they are no good for her, and how she has given up on waiting for a change.

Check out “By One” below!

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