gordon parks exhibit showcases the pictures that inspired kendrick lamar’s ‘element.’ music video

December 4, 2017
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Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, DAMN., was a rare feat of artistry on it’s own, but its videos added a whole new layer of creative genius that no one was prepared for. His video for “ELEMENT.” particularly was a groundbreaking visualization of Black resilience, challenging social expectations around the violence of Black men and boys. The video owed much to legendary photojournalist Gordon Parks, whose works inspired it.

Now, the Gordon Parks Foundation has just announced the opening of ELEMENT, a new exhibition on view at the Foundation’s exhibition space from December 1—February 10 showcasing the photographs that inspired Lamar’s music video. “Lamar, known for using powerful images in his music videos, directly references and revives a number of Parks’ images  that explore the lives of Black Americans,” the Foundation stated in a press release, “At the foundation of ELEMENT. are Parks’ photo essays exploring issues related to poverty and social justice which established him as one of the most significant story tellers of American society.”

Check out some of the images from the exhibit below, and find out more information here!

The Gordon Parks Foundation: Untitled, Harlem, New York, 1948

The Gordon Parks Foundation: Ethel Sharrieff, Chicago, Illinois, 1963

The Gordon Parks Foundation: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thornton, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

The Gordon Parks Foundation: Boy with June Bug, Fort Scott, Kansas, 1963