get swept up in soulful vulnerability with folk artist cammy enaharo’s gorgeous ‘from the garage’

December 27, 2017
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As a lyric-centered genre rooted in the oral storytelling tradition, folk music offers endless possibilities for a Black community that has countless untold stories of both unbelievable heartbreak and triumph. Still, the genre has retained a largely white face throughout the years, owed in part to institutional racism in the music industry that still struggles to acknowledge the voices of Black artists period, to speak of in traditionally white art forms.

But this history is no match for the talent and skill of Rochester native Cammy Enaharo. Featuring her distinctive baritone Ukulele, the young singer/songwriter’s latest album, From the Garage, is a masterclass in folk music, blending an undeniable soul with the witty and vulnerable lyricism that manages to reach through your ears and into your spirit.

With tracks like “Hair” narrating Enaharo’s journey to loving her kinky locs, and “Mystery Man” documenting the struggle of getting her lovers to come along that journey of loving herself in a patriarchal and white supremacist world, From the Garage is as refreshing as it is powerful.

Take a listen to the album below!

From the Garage by Cammy Enaharo

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