don’t forget the black and brown victims of bullying, too

December 12, 2017
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This week’s face of school bullying, a young man by the name of Keaton went viral after the other kids at school were mean to him. The internet responded accordingly, issuing statements of support for the youngin’.

It didn’t take long for the internets to uncover Keaton’s mom’s messy pro-Confederate background raising questions about whether or not the video was legit or just a way to scam people out of money to give to her local KKK chapter, or whatever.

It’s super important that we don’t forget the kids we failed to help, like 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis of Colorado who killed herself after a video of her being bullied by her peers went viral on an app. There were no videos rallying around Ashawnty, no celebrity outreach, no articles before the little angel took her own life. But it’s not too late to help Ashawnty’s family who is raising money for the burial costs to lay the beauty to rest.



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