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this development program helps black men tap into their inner power to become the leaders of the future

December 8, 2017
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“What does it mean to be a Leader of the Free World in a new globalized society?”

With all the drastic change in world leadership, and all the accompanying misrepresentation and silencing that follows, the answer to this question is becoming blurrier and blurrier. Luckily for us, however, organizations like “The Leaders of the Free World” are making sure the answer lies with us.

Co-founded by Ruby Maddox along with Lavar Thomas, “The Leaders of the Free World” (LFW) is a program using its platform to not only change the narrative, but the future as well. Recruiting black men ages 18-24 for the year-long development program (ending with a trip to Ghana), the organization works to guide its participants through a realization of self-power as they push past the boundaries of expectation and prescribed social scripts.

Black men are underappreciated and underrepresented, and as a result not far from underwhelmed. With the work of LFW, though, a reinforcement of worth on the personal and professional level works to melt the mental chains left by real ones, and zeroes in on academic success to ensure myriad opportunities. In their own words:

“We redefine the ‘Free World’ as a place that is beyond fears and mental barriers.”

This catalyst for Black Boy Joy is as necessary as it is genius. And as liberation starts from the inside out, as soon as these black boys learn just how powerful they are… there’s no stopping them.

So get ready, and check out more of Maddox and Levar’s Leaders of the Free World program!