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brazilian short film promotes fierce resistance to european beauty standards through style

December 12, 2017
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The final product of a weeklong workshop in Rio de Janeiro, and two-and-a-half months of post-production, “Resistance: Rio’s Different Face of Fashion” is a film all about, well, resistance. A fashion-forward, visually sumptuous piece that gives the middle finger to European standards of beauty by defying them and basking in their African roots and diaspora. The film was created by nonprofit collective Papel & Caneta (Paper & Pen) comprised of industry creatives and activists to create compassionate conversations around “overlooked or unfairly judged communities”.

@jacaremoda – modeling agency that exists in Jacarezinho, one of the biggest favelas in Rio.
@geoffsean – the director of the film / photographer
@suyane_ynaya – stylist
@lovemisslillyb – make up artist
@danielplateado – retoucher
models from Jacarezinho