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‘black women about business’ platform offers a one stop shop for black women starting or scaling businesses

December 28, 2017
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While much of the world insists on shutting Black women out of positions of power in the workplace (Black women make 63 cents for every dollar a man makes), Black women entrepreneurs will not be dissuaded.

As the number of Black female business owners continues to skyrocket, veteran entrepreneur Demarra Gardner noticed a severe need for an organized support structure, and so she decided to create one. Black Women About Business is a “one stop shop for black women who want to start or scale a business while doing internal work to be whole in business and in life. Comprehensive education, mentorship/coaching, access to funding, small group goal hustles, and more.”

An 11-month virtual and retreat platform for entrepreneurs of all stripes and experiences, BWAB is also dedicated to the idea of For Us By Us, promising more than 90% of all business supports to be provided by Black women.

Incredible! Find out more here.