The Veldt

Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose

Indie | Alternative Soul

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witness the inventively atmospheric shoegaze sound of soul legends the veldt on their new ep ‘thanks to the moth and areanna rose’

November 8, 2017
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In an era where R&B and soul artists are often prizing ambiance and texture over traditional hooks, shoegaze / soul legends The Veldt are retroactively visionaries. The band has hung out on the outskirts of the shoegaze and dreampop scene since getting together in the late 80’s, but they’ve never gone away. They’ve hung out continuing to pump out lowkey classics whenever they feel like they’ve got one to share. It seems like they’ve got a lot to share in 2017. After dropping the spaced out The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation back in June, Chavis brothers and crew are back with their latest, Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose.

Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose by The Veldt

The EP rides their trademark wash of impeccable noise beneath Daniel Chavis’ ethereal croon. Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose accomplishes the rare feat of giving longtime fans a healthy meal, while adding new sounds and flavors. It’s surprising for a band that’s been around as long as The Veldt that the best songs aren’t the ones that could be called “a return to form” but the ones that look toward the future. Tracks like “Camus” and “Dakini” (particularly the Carlos Bess and Jason Furlow remix) integrate new sounds and ideas to The Veldt’s haze of texture and sound. Meanwhile the “I Like The Way You Talk” remix (courtesy of dreampop legends AR Kane) brings out the best in both groups of luminaries. In this moment where atmosphere counts for so much, it’s refreshing to hear an act like The Veldt step in to remind us how it’s done.