spelman and morehouse students go on hunger strike to bring attention to peers who can’t afford meals

November 10, 2017
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Since Nov. 2, 25 students from Spelman and Morehouse College have been on hunger strike in an effort to prompt the institution of a program that would allow students with paid college meal plans to donate unused meals to students who cannot afford them—a move that would have to be implemented by the colleges and their campus food provider, Aramark. Inspired by the Swipe Out Hunger spearheaded at UCLA back in 2009, Superman and Morehouse students aim to bring the program to their campuses. “By introducing a Swipe Out Hunger program at Spelman and Morehouse, we would directly impact student hunger and raise the awareness on issues impacting our fellow students experiencing hunger and homelessness while in college,” Hector, 19, said Nov. 2.

The group of students explained that it’s common for student living on campus, where they’re required to buy a meal plan, not to use all of their meals for personal or dietary reasons. Those meals shouldn’t go to waste when there are other students who can’t afford to eat at school.

Joyce Davis, Spelman’s director of marketing and communications, said that the hunger strikers raise a “very concerning” issue and that the administration is willing to work with the students on a resolution.



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