rwandan visual artist shows off larger-than-life pop culture and afro-futuristic paintings

November 16, 2017
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Dying over the artwork of visual artist Cesar Ngabo Desire aka El’Cesart and his larger-than-life take on popular black culture, afro-centric iconography, and Afro-futurism. A 22-year-old painter/illustrator/graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines, the Kigali, Rwanda-native grew up loving to draw but had no formal training until he moved to Manila for college, in 2013. “My goal is for my work to hopefully be enjoyed and recognized even way longer when I’m gone,” Cesar write. “To share sentiments and thoughts. I want my art to light a candle in the dark and to be a lookout for others who might need encouraging.”

Cesar’s colorful interpretations certainly do that.