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rip devon wade: intimate partner violence takes the life of beloved student

November 29, 2017
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At some point, we will take a serious look at the epidemic of intimate partner violence in queer communities. But first, we must lay to rest one of its latest victims, Devon Wade, whose work for children of incarcerated was only part of the reason he was beloved far and wide, before his life was snuffed out this past Sunday night.

Mario Jerrell Williams, 29, is accused of shooting Wade, 28, in Atascocita, TX, after an argument. According to prosecutors, a witness reported that Williams came into the bedroom seemingly upset, and Wade asked him several times to leave. Williams eventually complied, but he later returned to the home where again Wade asked him to leave and escorted him from a bedroom to the first floor of the home. At this point, the witness said he heard two gunshots and ran downstairs to see Wade’s twin brother, Stephen, over him asking for someone to call 911.

Williams turned himself into police the following Monday.

Wade was a doctoral student of sociology at Columbia University. Having had to attend school while both his own parents were incarcerated, Wade paid his successes forward by working for the organization No More Victims, whose mission is to mentor children of incarcerated parents who face obstacles such as violence and poverty.

“Here I am 10 years later, now doing research and working with the organization that sparked this in the first place,” Wade said of his work in an April interview with KPRC 2. “So I am incredibly humbled to be able to come back and give back.”

Wade is remembered by friends and family as someone who worked tirelessly for the marginalized and oppressed. One of the last things Wade posted to his Facebook page before he died was a video of poet Rudy Francisco performing “Complainers”, a powerful piece about appreciating life while you still can.