Emergency Bitter



Emergency Bitter


punk purists emergency bitter serves up bs-free jams on their latest ‘ciderfects’

November 27, 2017
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Sometimes all you need is some stripped down unpretentious punk rock to get you through the day. On their second record Ciderfects, South London’s Emergency Bitter mixes up the feel-good anthems about day drinking with your mates with some more pointed anti-racist cuts for the kind of classic punk rock that demands you crank it at full blast.


Highlights like “Hate Me” and “Made In Britain” take on racism and xenophobia. “I still hear voices saying I should go back to my country / But I’m already home.” Between cuts about punk rock and cider (“Punk Rock Saved My Life,” “Nothing To Say,” and naturally “All Day Drinking Song”), Emergency Bitters shouts out class warfare slogans like “Mummy’s Boy” and “Jam Generation,” before closing out with a theme song of sorts in “Here We Come.”

“We love punk / we love oi / we love ska / it makes us who we are” the band shouts out on the closing track. This is the kind of music that makes life worth living. The world’s a fucked up place, but man, punk rock saved my life too. Play this shit loud.