princess nokia stopped her show to denounce gentrification in london

November 13, 2017
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Princess Nokia is taking on white supremacy once again! The New York rapper and AFROPUNK alum stopped a recent show in Brixton, UK to call out gentrification in Latinx communities in the country.

“I am an Afro-Latina woman. You want to respect me then respect the real Latino community that is existing here,” she told the audience.

Nokia was responding to a group of intersectional feminists called The London Latinxs, who have created the campaign #SaveLatinVillage, which refers to the city’s proposal to move the UK’s second largest concentration of Latin American businesses in Tottenham.

“The proposal to move Pueblito Paisa & Wards Corner means it is not regarded as equally important as the other cultural facilities in Haringey,” the group’s petition reads. “It shows that multicultural traders are being marginalised and it proves that Haringey strategy is elitist and not serving local people.”

You can out more about the ongoing gentrification in the neighborhood and sign the petition here, and check out her video for “Brujas” below!: