"Who I Be"




premiere: find yourself in neo-soul singer lyssa’s liberation anthem “who i be”

November 16, 2017

A timeless coming-of-age anthem about losing one’s self on the journey to find someone else, Lyssa’s most recent effort “Who I Be” is a beautiful departure from broken-hearted longing and a retrospective on being whole and fully you, by yourself, for yourself. Breaking free of naiveté, in its many forms, and testing out one’s wing-span.

This song is a coming- of- self-anthem I wrote as I was graduating from USC (BA Theatre ’16) and about to embark on the “real world,” Lyssa tells AFROPUNK. “I wanted to start fresh, letting go of anybody and anything that did not align with who I had found myself to be. The scenes in this video are all reminiscent of what that means, with proud montages of Houston landmarks, the city that helped make me. This song and visual mean so much to me for not only my relationship with the lyrics and what they mean on my journey to liberation but also because I produced and directed the video myself.”