nyc event series promotes healing through revolutionary music and artistry

November 15, 2017
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Being an artist isn’t simply about mastering a craft. It’s about creating worlds no one else has ever created before. When art is done well, it is revolutionary.

This is the understanding behind THE REVOLUTION, a monthly performance series highlighting Brooklyn & Harlem-based artists and musicians who are not only defining the independent pop culture of today, but inciting the culture of tomorrow. Each show features three artists of different genres who promote healing through their music and stories. Curated by Katie Jones, the event series seeks to empower “community, change, and activism through performance and unity amongst the arts.”

Held at the National Sawdust in Brooklyn, this Saturday’s volume features punk/R&B artist Fusilier, Canadian performer SHENNA and jazz duo Lohai. Find out more here!

Courtesy of Lohai

Courtesy of SHENNA

Courtesy of Fusilier