nothing but gratitude on lo-fi rockers’ the get money squad’s newest album ‘alright by myself’

November 28, 2017
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By Lightning Pill*, AFROPUNK contributor

I’ll probably be using “banner year” a lot this year when describing budding and successful black alternative/rock artists. As you know, the years connecting #BlackLivesMatter has helped black people define on their own what black is or what it sounds like. This included Afropunk music getting a wider profile. But one that you can most definitely say enjoyed a fair amount of exposure this year was The Get Money Squad. Ever since they dropped their first EP Nothing’s Wrong on Fresh Selects, Quinton Brock and multi-instrumentalist Jon Bap have slowly hit the ground running and never looked back, especially Jon Bap, who dropped his successful and Bandcamp-covered Yesterday’s Homily, his beautifully fractured album tackling multiple facets of black art from trap to new jack swing to free jazz with bits of field recordings for good measure.

Since the two lo-fi garage rockers dropped their album Ruff Buff, they were able to enjoy an active tour, and even taking themselves towards the Spotify office to premiere it. And to thank you all for lifting them outside of their hometown to enjoy some activity, they decided to share with you a free mixtape for Cyber Monday named Alright By Myself, sixteen songs of wonky, dirty, swagger-heavy rock morsels that would make The Black Keys sound like Fleet Foxes.

Alright By Myself by The Get Money Squad on Apple Music