multi-media liberation essay explores freedom from numbing social norms

November 14, 2017
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An elder once told me, never to pick the crumbs, always take the whole loaf.
I find myself picking up less than I deserve.
Cutting myself short on every avenue.
You see, it seems to have become a trend to act like sheep.
We forget to live for ourselves
Suppressing thoughts and feelings just to keep our acquaintances happy?
Floating behind, picking up someone else’s leftovers
And we forget…
We forget to loose ourselves in the circus
Don’t you wanna be a sun worshipping, non conforming alien?
Well I do
I won’t smile for no motherfucker
Ima continue to be me…
Lost and what seems to be lonely
Wandering hopelessly
Whilst you watch from a distance wishing you were just as free

Words by Bella Sontez 
Photography by Shingi Rice