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gorgeous photo and film series explores feeling displaced in the diaspora and reclaiming one’s sense of self

November 17, 2017
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Hamed Maiye is a London-based multidisciplinary artist and curator who uses portraiture as a means of expressing emotional identity and heritage. Having founded the ‘Afro-Portraitism’ arts movement, which “documents the multifaceted image of the contemporary youth of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora whilst exploring the concept of self representation,” Maiye’s latest project as part of the movement takes this exploration even further in gorgeous photos and visual storytelling.

“Transmission/Transition” tackles the feeling of displacement within the diaspora, and how displaced Africans might reclaim their sense of self. Displaying Black people in regalia reminiscent of Christopher Columbus, the series questions whether we can be truly reflected through the Western lens.

“In a political climate which hails far right nationalists, we are often left feeling displaced in a land where we know no other,” Maiye explains. Check out the short film and images from “Transmission/Transition” below!: