charlotte, nc. elects first black woman mayor

November 8, 2017

Last night’s off-year election saw so many big wins for Democrats, women, POC, and the LGBTQIA communities who are made historic gains across the country. Just one of the history-making wins for progressives last night, Mayor-Elect Vi Lyles (D) became the first black woman mayor of Charlotte, NC. after deleting incumbent mayor Jennifer Roberts.

“It’s been an incredible journey and tonight you’ve proven we are a city of opportunity and inclusiveness,” Lyles wrote in an email to supporters. “That despite attack advertisements and dark money being pumped into this election, there is no place for negativity in our city – or in the Mayor’s office. The high road, always wins. And most importantly, you’ve proven that despite what others say, we want to raise our children in a city where you can both live and work — where there is affordable housing, jobs and economic opportunity for all.”


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