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black woman attacked and left unconscious after rejecting man’s advances

November 3, 2017
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After rejecting a man’s advances, a young woman was left unconscious outside of the apartment where she lives, having been beaten “within an inch of her life”, her stepmother Ingrid Pittman says. When she got off the bus from her community college, a man followed the unnamed woman asking, “Can you give me a hug?” Pittman says that her stepdaughter then began to walk faster, eventually running from the man, but before she could make it to their apartment, the young woman says a black car pulled up next to her:

“She said a black Jeep or truck pulled up on the side of her and three guys got out,” Pittman said. “They were trying to get her in the vehicle, and with her kind of fighting back, they Maced her in the face, beat her up and left her on the ground.”

The young woman was found unconscious in the parking lot and is recovering. Police are working to identify the men who committed the attack.