Isabelle brown

"Pot of Gold"

Alternative Soul



14-year old Isabelle Brown proves she is an old soul to watch with debut track “Pot of Gold”

November 20, 2017
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“There’s a power deep in me, I’m sitting on a Pot of Gold”

It’s no secret that deep artistry has no age limit, but in the case of 14-year old Isabelle Brown, her rich, soulful voice produces an experience well beyond her years. With her debut track “Pot of Gold” ft. AZ-based Injury Reserve, she issues a sturdy call-to action preaching self-love and inner strength, breaking the boundaries of age and every expectation in her way.

A spirit well before her time with a voice that makes you think her heart was broken 100 times, this Brighton-based performer is making moves and letting her powerful voice lead the way. Though the industry is quite familiar with younger stars telling older stories—from Michael Jackson’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” at 13, to Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made To Love Her” at 12, and every juvenile ballad in between—Brown’s “Pot of Gold” is a whole other level.

With the track’s layered arrangements and cadenced rhythm bringing an almost church-like vibe to your senses, this is an activation track at its fullest. Taking inspiration from greats like Nina Simone and Tina Turner, Brown is truly “an old soul trapped in the body of a fearless fourteen year-old” as she adds a generational twist to a classic sound.

This infectious vocalist is one to watch, and if this is her at 14, we’re not even ready for what the years will bring. Check out Isabelle Brown‘s “Pot of Gold” below, and look out for her upcoming mixtape to drop early next year!