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Black, Latinx & queer New Yorkers LIVE in hilarious new series “Giving Me Life (In The Land of the Deadass)”

October 27, 2017
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giving me life /gɪvɪg mi laɪf/ anything that brings you joy.

deadass /dɛd æs/ to be completely and totally serious.

translation: “Giving Me Life In The Land of The Deadass” means to find joy even in a seriously harsh world”

That’s the description found on the “about me” section of the website for Giving Me Life (In The Land of the Deadass), a new web series following six Black and Latinx friends as they struggle to survive in the Big Apple. And if the trailer is any indication, the show will offer a lot of necessary joy indeed! The hilarious clip covers everyday Black and Brown NYC dilemmas: How will I survive brokeness? To top or bottom or go to church? Am I too young for this conversation, or just too high?

With series like Awkward Black Girl, Brown Girls, and Brujos indicating we are in a golden (and Black and Brown) age of internet television, our hopes are high and we can’t wait. Check out the trailer below, and more promo clips on their YouTube page here!