Upper Reality

Upper Reality EP

Electro-pop | Alternative Soul

Upper Reality


treat yourself to electro soul artist upper reality anthems of self-care and self-determination on her new self-titled ep

October 31, 2017
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“I’ve got a lot of statements to make after graduating college with an economics degree and moving to Cape Town, South Africa,” Upper Reality explains, “I’m in a time where I want to keep healing and sending messages that provoke people and inspire them to be better versions of themselves, in a time where the world seems hell-bent on reversing that.” On her 3rd EP, the singer-songwriter-producer crafts spacious soundscapes with powerful messages. Her evocative voice floats in and out of the ethereal waves of sound. Calling for self-care and self-determination amidst damning indictments of colonialism, songs like “Call You Back” and “When The Sun Goes Down” make the most of Upper Reality’s talent for blending rage at injustice, healing vibes, psychedelic sounds, and dense beats. Stream it now on Soundcloud.