The Kris Johnson Group ft. Lulu Fall

"Painfully Sober"


Artist Centric Music


premiere: kiss-off your trash relationship with the help of eclectic jazz band the kris johnson group w/ lulu fall

October 31, 2017
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Funky, eclectic, soul: “Painfully Sober” by The Kris Johnson Group featuring Lulu Fall is an unexpected, high-energy track about ridiculous relationships and even more ridiculous feelings.

Led by vivacious vocalist Lulu, who wrote the track after a painful breakup in 2012, and composed by Kris Johnson, “Painfully Sober” is a refreshing, high-energy jazz track that will make you tingle all over. “I had written this song back in 2012 after a tumultuous breakup,” says Lulu. “The vibe of the song had some edge and angst, but nothing like the level of Kris’s mad arranging and composing skills. Kris helped me breathe new life into this piece and I’m so happy to share this official video with the public!”

A healthy dose of relatable lyricism and melodic liveliness, the frenzied track perfectly echoes the jumble of fast-flying emotions, insecurities, and self-doubt that shake up our worlds when a relationship falls to shit.

“I remember when Lulu first sang the melody of ‘Painfully Sober’ to me,” Kris Johnson tells AFROPUNK. “I knew instantly that this song called for a musical backdrop that captured the same amount of angst, reflection, sadness, and anger that she expressed in her lyrics. It needed funk, rock, soul, and a touch of jazz to support this rollercoaster of a story that Lulu crafted!”

“Painfully Sober” is taken from The Kris Johnson Group’s “The Unpaved Road”.