pat robertson is the white people of white people :d

October 3, 2017
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Religious wack-a-doo Pat Robertson responded to news of the Las Vegas shooting late Sunday night by telling the world that the REAL reason this massacre happened was because of the “disrespect” shown to Donald Trump. (Donald Trump who grabs women by the p*ssy without permission). “There is profound disrespect for our president, all across this nation, they say terrible things about him,” the televangelist and former presidential candidate said on The 700 Club. Maybe it’s because he’s terrible, Pat. “There is disrespect now for our national anthem, disrespect for our veterans, disrespect for the institutions of our government, disrespect for the court system. All the way up and down the line, disrespect.”

In the video, posted online by Right Wing Watch, Robertson went on to say, “When there is no vision of God, the people run amok,” he said in the clip, posted online by Right Wing Watch. “And we have taken from the American people the vision of God, the whole idea of reward and punishment, an ultimate judge of all our actions, we’ve taken that away. When there is no vision of God, the people run amok.”

Whatever, pimpin’.



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