now streaming—afropunk mixtape #034: solutions sessions

October 3, 2017

Ahead of this month’s AFROPUNK Atlanta: Carnival of Consciousness, Mixtape #034 is an anthemic collection of movement music by KAMUA, Algiers, Fantastic Negrito, Tricky, Unlocking The Truth, Ebonee Davis, Burn, Our Fears, Curtis Harding, Michael Jablonka, with very special interludes by Solutions Sessions speakers Professor Paul Butler and organizer Mary-Pat Hecto.

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01. Nick Cannon – Stand For What?
02. Fantastic Negrito – Push Back
03. Algiers – Walk Like A Panther
04. Husbandry – Grab Twist Pull
05. Interlude: Mary-Pat Hector
06. Unlocking The Truth – My Chains
07. Tricky – Dark Days (ft. Mina Rose)
08. Our Fears – Northern Lights (A Song for Barbara)
09. Ebonee Davis – Black Girl Magic In The Fashion Industry
10. Curtis Harding – Wednesday Morning Atonement
11. Michael Jablonka – Peacefully
12. Interlude: Paul Butler
13. Crystal Axis – Leopold
14. Amp Fiddler – Return of the Ghetto Fly (ft. J Dilla, T3, Neco Redd)
15. Interlude: Kemba Smith Pradia
16. Burn – Flame
17. Estère – Pro Bono Techno Zone
18. KAMAU – GReY

Photo: AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017 by Dennis Manuel