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mario van peebles launches syfy horror series about a small-town’s scary secrets, ‘superstition’

October 23, 2017
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When Melvin Van Peebles wrote, directed, and starred in films like 1971’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baaadassss Song, he was establishing a legacy. His son, Mario Van Peebles, would seamlessly take it up by becoming a creative of many hats in his own right, as exemplified by his new Syfy horror series Superstition.

“If you grow up on a family farm, you learn a little bit about feeding the chickens, plowing the north 40, taking care of the horses, it’s all part of the Zen of farming” Mario told The Huffington Post. “And when you grow up with Melvin Van Peebles – or Melvin Van Movies – you learn as a kid to take care of the cables, to be a PA, to be an editor, to do all those things. It’s all part of the Zen of filmmaking.”

Superstition, which premieres alongside the launch of Peebles’ production company MVPTV on Friday, revolves a family that runs a funeral home in the fictional town of LaRochelle, Ga. The funeral home is also home to the town’s secrets, like a residential supernatural group called Infernals that seeks to wipe out humans.

We’re so excited!