Tunde Olaniran


Electro-pop | Pop



join the head-bopping prowl with delicious new track “hungry” by electro-pop singer tunde olaniran

October 27, 2017

“Open my mouth to start / hungry to taste your heart.”

Singer, rapper, and activist meets pop icon as Tunde Olaniran is expands his appetite-and we couldn’t be more hype.

With the release of his latest track “Hungry”, the Michigan-born artist offers a fresh homage to yearning, and an electro-pop anthem on the rise. Complete with a bubbling synth backtrack and a mantra-like hook, listeners fall victim to the prowl he sets in place, and with tempo-ed vocals and echo-ey progressions, the track builds until the very last 808.

First introducing himself to the masses with his debut 2015 EP Transgressor, Olaniran is coming into his own and making it known in this fearless declaration—and by the end of the track there’s no doubt he gets what he wants, granting audiences a full meal.

I dare you not to bop to this bop… I dare you. Check out Tunde Olaniran‘s latest “Hungry” below!