Immerse yourself in Afrofuturism with these 10 dope short stories by queer people of color

October 2, 2017
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Created by comic book creator Malik Shabazz, Cyber/Punk/Funk is a cyberpunk anthology comprised of 10 short stories drawn and written by queer people and people of color. The eye-popping graphic stories are pieces of speculative fiction that “[examine] the world as it is and how it may one day be.”

Each of the three words in the title is supposed to correlate to the world marginalized communities live in today. “Cyber” indicates the way technology is beginning to outpace human evolution, and how it is used to further systems of oppression. “Punk” references those existing at the margins of society, and the way we revolt against the oppressive social order. “Funk” is described as “the soul of the oppressed.”

“Cyber/Punk/Funk does something that hasn’t been done before. It takes a genre that has traditionally focused on oppressive regimes, systematic control, and degredation of humanity and centers on the people who don’t have to look to fiction to imagine such a world,” the project’s Kickstarter reads. “For people of color, for queerfolk, cyberpunk is now. Cyber/Punk/Funk! is a narrative or protest, of life, love, danger and the pursuit of happiness.”

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