ice agents = whiteness on steroids

October 27, 2017
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When you give white supremacy force, the law, and impunity, things are bound to get ugly. We’ve seen this play out with police officers and their attacks on unarmed Black civilians, but this is also the case with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and undocumented migrants, as evidenced by recent egregious acts of violence in the name of keeping this country safe.

Earlier this week, a 10-year-old Texas girl with cerebral had ICE agents escort her out of the hospital only moments after being discharged from a surgery.

Rosamaria Hernandez, who is undocumented, but as The New York Post reports has lived in the US since she was 3 months old, was confronted along with her cousin by Border Patrol agents before being rushed to Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and agents waited outside her hospital room until she was released lest they miss a beat in ruining her life, health be damned.

Also this week, a video showing self-identified plainclothes ICE agents entering a Portland home and arresting a man without getting permission to enter the home and without a warrant went viral. The man was supposedly later released, but imagine what would happen if the incident wasn’t caught on video.

The cases where the victim is sick or where ICE breaks their own rules cannot be the only incidents that draw us to resist the draconian immigration practices of the state. These incidents are only symptomatic of the inhumane core of our immigration and law enforcement in total. This whole process is designed by racism, and even when the victim is called a “criminal,” they are still a victim. The question now is how to undo the process completely.



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