holistic doctor creates line of all-natural rub-on herbal ointments

October 18, 2017
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Dr. Nancy J. Williams is the brains behind a new line of holistic, all-natural healing ointments and salves that provide chemical-free pain relief for a myriad of issues. Her line, Body Soul Essentials is inspired by the customers at her holistic wellness center in Atlanta.

“I saw clients for over 10 years and my product line addresses the top 10 health concerns African American clients suffer from,” Williams said. Good lookin’ out. “My products are standing out on the market now because you get long lasting relief and no pills to take, they’re deep penetrating and work within 15 minutes of application. Everyday we get more and more testimonies of the benefits of our products, it’s very exciting and humbling to hear how the product is making a difference in so many peoples health.”

Learn more about Dr. Nancy J. Williams products and where to purchase them, here.