espn can’t stand an unapologetic black woman, tries to appease racists

October 10, 2017
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Weeks after trying to throw popular ESPN host Jemele Hill under the bus for fairly calling attention to the white supremacist in the Oval Office, ESPN has put Hill on suspension sighting social media violations made off the clock. The suspense was handed down yesterday after Hill sent out a tweet that suggested/explained that those wishing to send a message of support for the athletes who protest to make a statement about police brutality instead put the pressure on NFL advertisers and not individual players.

After the two-week suspension was announced, folks were quick to point out that Jemele—a black woman—is being silenced for speaking up about white supremacy.

Despite being punished for calling out Trump’s white supremacy and the white supremacists he keeps around him, Trump’s early Tuesday morning Tweetstorm continued to attack Hill personally for ESPN’s slip in ratings.

That’s the man Jemele is supposed to respect.


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