discover what you stand for with brooklyn rapper latasha alcindor (aka l.a.)’s reflective “affirming:life”

October 26, 2017
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As Cardi B continues to break records, Nicki Minaj remains on the billboards, and up-and-comers like Leikeli47 are only making more of their marks, it seems the time has come for female rappers to take what they deserve—a time that is long overdue.

Fellow New York rapper Latasha Alcindor (aka L.A.) is taking hers too, dropping the attitude-laced Teen Nite at Empire to acclaim in June and carving out a lane of her own.

Now, the MC reaffirms that path in her latest video “Affirming:Life”, which finds the Brooklynite wrestling with how to solidify her place in community amidst outside pressures. Recently explaining in a feature by NBC Left Field how she left her job in finance to follow her passion in music, the track and video highlight the magnitude of the artist’s commitment to her journey. The fourth video off of Teen Nite, “Affirming:Life” loses no rawness in reflection, giving us an unfiltered look into the young artist’s discovery of self.

“The work is to reaffirm our purpose and to direct us to our truest selves,” Alcindor explains. “The video and new tour encompasses how I continue to be fearless and present.”

Check out the video above!