cameroonian artist and japanese designer collab for stunning kimono line

October 17, 2017
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Serge Mouangue is a Cameroonian artist whose own cultural heritage and interest in the particular refinement of Japanese design inspired Wafrica, a project which “encapsulates both West Africa and Japanese ancient sophisticated aesthetic to create a new territory, redefining our sense of origin.”

A 2011 TED Fellow, Mouangue has worked with Japanese designers to create unique objects, garments, and live performances encapsulating a beautiful and universal experience.

The highlight of the project is the Wafrica African Kimono, which is made in collaboration with ODASHO and has been seen in fashion shows across the globe. Take a look at the beautiful garment below, as well as a brief description of the collaboration:

“Tailored design cut, made in Kyoto in collaboration with 150 years’ kimono experience ODASHO, Wafrica kimono capitalise[s] on Japanese refinement and attention to detail combined with West Africa rhythmic density and vibration.” “Taking it into the world, innovative variations of the African Kimono have been shown in New York, Dakar, Basel, Stockholm, Kyoto, Paris, Nairobi, Tokyo etc. The results are so much more than a blend of two existing cultures.”