big cosmetic brands pretend to be “pro-diversity” but sell skin bleaching products in africa

October 19, 2017
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Nivea is pushing a new ad for their “Natural Fairness Body Lotion”, a complexion lightening cream that’s being marketed to African women. In the commercial, we see a black woman who looks disappointedly at her own skin.

“I need a product that I can really trust to restore my skin’s natural fairness.” HUH? “Now, I have visibly fairer skin, making me feel younger.” Gross.

Obviously, skin lightening powders and creams aren’t anything new across African metro areas and regions of the African diaspora, but in the wake of an ongoing history of racist advertisements by Dove, L’oreal and Nivea’s “White Is Purity” ad from earlier this year, more companies seem to be releasing adverts containing visual metaphors that demonize dark skin and promoting whiteness. It’s no longer a case of tone-deafness or an example of a lack of diversity behind the brand, but the purposeful commercialization of anti-blackness.



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